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Solar Panel Farm8

You Business, Your Energy

Our System

Your Business
Your business can now generate renewable energy & meet your energy saving goals!!

As of July 2023 the SEAI have now introduced grants for massive saving on solar installations for businesses

These grants range from €2,700 to €162,600

Your Farm

Tams 2 Grant now offers 60% famers who spent €90,000 on a solar installation. 


Contact us today for a site survey!

Installing Solar Panels
Engineers on Solar Roof

Our Customer Journey

Shannonside Solar is a Family run business based in Ahane, Co Limerick. We provide the installation of Solar PV systems across Ireland to help our customers reduce their electricity bills and also generate a positive impact on our environment.

Its a four step process:
1. Meeting/ site survey

2. System Design

3. Installation

4. System Fully Operational and Saving €€€

Solar Panels Technicians

Benefits & Savings

Up to 70% Energy Savings
Highest Quality
25 Year Guarantee
Grants on Home, Agri & Business
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