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Solar Panels Technician

The Solar PV System

Our System

What We Do

Discover the essence of solar revolution with Shannonside Solar, Through our installation, sunlight's DC power is deftly converted to AC power by our state-of-the-art inverters, fueling your space and drastically cutting costs. But that's not all – our ingenuity extends further. Surplus energy isn't wasted; it's strategically diverted to heat water, maximizing savings. And the brilliance continues: any excess power can be sold back to the grid, making your energy production an investment. Witness the sun's potential harnessed for your benefit – from power and savings to a greener footprint.

Solar Panels
Exploring Solar Panels

Our Customer Journey

Shannonside is a Family run business based in Ahane, Co Limerick. We provide the installation of Solar PV systems across Ireland to help our customers reduce their electricity bills and also generate a positive impact on our environment.

Its a four step process:
1. Meeting/ site survey

2. System Design

3. Installation

4. System Fully Operational and Saving €€€

Solar Panels Technicians

Benefits & Savings

Up to 70% Energy Savings
Highest Quality
25 Year Guarantee
Grants on Home, Agri & Business
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